James & Jess

 We have been helping folks heal and gain relief since 2016, with different herbs including cbd. Our goal has always been to help folks find healing over making a profit.

Having a certified horticulturist and an aesthetician on our team, allows us to be very knowledgeable with plants and their healing properties. We practice healing with more than just cbd, as there is a lot of plants that provide healing and relief from a multitude of ailments.

When we first started, we just wanted to better our own health. Our family and friends started to notice a difference in our daily lives and our health started to improve. We hiked more, spent more times outside and less time in front of the television. Picked up some hobbies like rockhounding and wild harvesting plants in the forest. Mainly, allowed us to feel more active and gave us that sense of wellness with no aches or pains. They questioned what we were doing, that changed our lives. We offered our advice and eventually helped them get on a regiment, to better their daily health and wellness.

We were encouraged to get our products out to the public and that's when we started J+J Organix. For years now, we have been helping folks with our products and our knowledge of what we have to offer.

Thank you for reading about us and checking out our bio.

J+J Organix


A family owned and operated company, offering products for all your bodies needs.

Our products are all 100% organic, hand-crafted by a certified horticulturist with a deep knowledge in plants with healing properties.

We have spent years studying and researching the ingredients we use, as well as perfecting our products along the way to improve the health of those around us. You can rest assured that we will always guarantee excellent products that are good and good for you.

Call/text or email us anytime, we would love to hear from you.

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